Q. What are the benefits in having a NICOP?

1. It will keep your citizenship intact
2. Opening a bank account in Pakistan
3. Buying or selling property in Pakistan
4. Mobile phone SIM Card activation in Pakistan
5. For overseas Pakistani’s, it’s a dual-purpose card
6. For dual nationals who have a NICOP, they do not require a visa to enter in Pakistan

Q. How long is a NICOP valid for?

1. 10 years for those over the age of 18
2. NADRA’s discretion for children under the age of 18

Q. Where can we apply?

1. RAI Consultants: 55 Dundas Street East, Suite 201- 202, Mississauga, ON L5A 1W1
Phone: 905-803-9188
2. RAI Consultants: 810 Nipissing Rd, Suite 204, Milton, ON L9T 4Z9
Phone: 905-636-3500

Q. What is the NICOP application turnaround time?

Depending on the service selected, and no objection or further verification is required, it takes approximately 3-8 weeks

Q. Why choose RAI Consultants?

1. Flexible timings
2. Convenient locations
3. Economical service charges

Q. Can we renew our Pakistani passport at RAI Consultants?

Yes, you can renew your Machine Readable Passport at RAI Consultants

Q. In what circumstances will I need a visa?

If you don’t have a valid Pakistani passport, NICOP, or POC

Q. Are there any specialized services for senior citizens or people with disabilities?

Yes, we can provide services for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Please contact one of our offices for details